"With lush orchestrations and smart lyrics, composer/songwriter Colin Stack paints in bold strokes a Warhol-esque portrait of life, love and loss as seen through the harsh and sometimes absurd lens of pop culture.  His music is both soul-shuddering and honest, invoking both tears and laughter from listeners"  
                 - Karen Hofreiter (INsite Magizine) 

"An Ingenious mix of musical textures and sharp lyrics"
                - Ken Emerson (New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times) 

"Suggests a jazzy updating of James Taylor..... ably mixes Kurt Weill's and Elvis Costello's ways of thinking.  This attractive stuff avoids traditional verses/chorus approaches and revels in clever lyrics"
                 - David Cleary (New Music Connoisseur) 


march 12, 2019

Colin has been hard at work writing, arranging, and recording a new collection of songs for his forthcoming album 'Imperfections'.  Here is the first single from this project.  Enjoy!!